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SOAP™ Workshop

SOAP Workshop series

A 12-week workshop for building high-performance product teams. We'll help to fully define the challenges and identify comprehensive roadmapping tools, processes and solutions. This includes the product manager recruitment process with enticing copywriting for job postings and verbal and written tests to assist the interview and evaluation process.
SOAP™ Workshop

Explore, Evolve & Execute

A dedicated team of product and UX/BA resources with experience building products. We'll work through collaborative discussions and in partnership with in-house resources to build your product in short 12-week iterative cycles, to quickly bring roadmaps to life.
SOAP™ Workshop

Leadership Coaching

Confidential, informal chat (or series of chats) on whatever topics you choose. Many of our best insights come through casual conversations, not from formal reports. Our advice is relevant, actionable and effective.
SOAP™ Workshop

Product Team in Residence

We'll go in the trenches with you. Executing process change in your organization requires a deep understanding of key industry issues, current market trends and the technology needed to support it.

What goes into a good

  Product Roadmap

Product Roadmap
Product Roadmap
Product Roadmap
Product Roadmap

SOAP our product management
methodology, is a sustainable,
repeatable, planning & prioritization framework.

SOAP makes sure everyone is aligned, motivated, inspired, and ready to innovate. This approach uses your product mission, product blueprint and roadmap pillars to create knowledge and build product strategies that add value, respect stakeholders' opinions while getting your teams' buy-in, and optimize product delivery through iterative releases. These organizational models, operational tactics and online tools shape harmonious collaborations, accentuate connections and ease information sharing.

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Bain Public SOAP Process

SOAP™ is a methodology that Bain Public created for product planning and roadmap prioritization based on principles of Product Strategy, Lean Startup, User-centered design, Data Science and more.

» The Bain Public SOAP™ Framework.
Bain Public SOAP Digital Platform

Simple, accessible and intuitive, the SOAP™ digital platform enables you to detail all aspects of your product journey. It provides a central management interface to detail your strategy, blueprint and what to build all in one place.

» The Digital Platform Behind Bain Public’s SOAP™

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Talent Acquisition

Product Manager recruitment process with enticing copywriting for job postings, and verbal and written tests.

Product Strategy

Market assessment to understand the current state, identify opportunities & develop a unique point of view.

Transitionary leadership

Supplement your product management team with specialized services, training and coaching.

Goal Based Planning

Protect against pursuing seemingly good ideas without evaluation and prioritization.

Product Framework

Guidance, best practices, tools and frameworks. We’ll leave you with a repeatable process.

Product Roadmap

Plan & prioritize a set of releases based on scoping, features and business objectives.

Wireframes & MVPs

Solve user experience (UX) challenges by creating products within their ecosystems.

Tools and

Integrate with our seamless platform from blueprint to roadmap.

Unblock Engineers

Identify and unblock engineers, keep your team moving and ship products on time.

We’re currently helping
disruptive startups & SMB orgs
execute transformations.

Want to develop roadmap skills? We're looking for early adopter startup organizations that are willing to give candid feedback on our new SOAP™ methodology created for product planning and roadmap prioritization in exchange of a discount. Must be willing to take a tour to see the SOAP™ platform in action.

Build greater products.