We're investors & partners, not suppliers

We help build roadmaps and innovative products for early-stage companies in exchange for equity. Our senior team serves as partners and advisors and works with you and your team to teach, advise and coach you to current and future success. Our advice is relevant, actionable and effective. We create early-stage momentum and share in the upside of long-term success.

We are all proven senior executives and practitioners in our roles with leading companies in our industries. We’ll work with you to create articulated objectives. We'll identify success measures, reshape your business to discover new potential and growth.

We work with early stage startup founders who want to invest in their own development and want to be more effective at work without burning themselves out. With our experiences as a founders, investors, and product leaders, we also advise on company building, fundraising, and customer acquisition where appropriate.

We help your startup get better at product development and growth through organizational design, culture transformation, and coaching. We provide this coaching by working alongside your team. Yet, we also can provide training on a more formal basis if called for. We start by identifying your startup's most important responsibilities, assessing its unique strengths and weaknesses. From there, we work together to unpack the challenges you face, build new insights and perspectives, and hold you accountable to new behaviours.

We will have a 1-hour long video call with you on a biweekly basis. In some cases, we will have a call every week. Engagements length can be open-ended or based on a fixed number of months, depending on your goals.

If you are interested in our Angel services, the first step is to send us a message via our contact form. We’ll have you answer a few questions and if there’s a good fit, then we’ll have an opportunity assessment session to validate if we're ready to invest. If that goes well, then we’ll work to evaluate if we can agree on a valuation and an equity trade so to structure an engagement that best suits your needs.

Build greater products.
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