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SOAP™ Workshop

SOAP Workshop series

A 12-week workshop for building high-performance product teams. We'll help to fully define the challenges and identify comprehensive roadmapping tools, processes and solutions. This includes the product manager recruitment process with enticing copywriting for job postings and verbal and written tests to assist the interview and evaluation process.
SOAP™ Workshop

Connect & Explore Workshops

Practical workshops we have trialed, errored, iterated, refined, and repeated for over 5 years and that has been a key component of success for both SOAP and the organizations we work with.
SOAP™ Workshop

Leadership Coaching

Confidential, informal chat (or series of chats) on whatever topics you choose. Many of our best insights come through casual conversations, not from formal reports. Our advice is relevant, actionable and effective.
SOAP™ Workshop

Product Team in Residence

We'll go in the trenches with you. Executing process change in your organization requires a deep understanding of key industry issues, current market trends and the technology needed to support it.


Canada’s Product Management Problem

If there’s one thing that sticks out the most in Canadian startups, it’s the lack of product managers in the tech ecosystem — a major skill shortage that can cripple the chances of executing major outcomes.

What’s Canada’s Product Management Problem?

Roadmap Development process

Roadmap Development is a process of discovery, creativity and problem-solving. This process is not only important for your business’ growth and success, but is also essential to understanding the steps in Product Development that immediately follows the Roadmap Development process.

Every Product Manager Needs Product Development Team