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Canada’s Product Management Problem

If there’s one thing that sticks out the most in Canadian startups, it’s the lack of product managers in the tech ecosystem — a major skill shortage that can cripple the chances of executing major outcomes.

What’s Canada’s Product Management Problem?

Roadmap Development process

Roadmap Development is a process of discovery, creativity and problem-solving. This process is not only important for your business’ growth and success, but is also essential to understanding the steps in Product Development that immediately follows the Roadmap Development process.

Every Product Manager Needs Product Development Team
Product Roadmap

A good product roadmap is one of the most important documents an organization can develop, publish, and continuously update. It’s an operational plan that highlights the product’s quarterly development activity over a rolling 12-month period.

What Goes Into a Good Product Roadmap? A Guide to Narrowing your Focus.

Product leadership Workshop Series

12 week online workshop series. Whether you are a Founder or part of the Product, Engineering or leadership team, you need actionable strategies and impactful techniques that drive results today.

Leadership in Product, Connect and Explore Workshop Series
Tomorrow’s Product Managers Need to Create the Conditions for Success With AI

In this two-part article series, we’ll dive into the importance of having solid data, model and problem understanding as a product manager. We’ll also look at how a product manager can create the conditions for success with AI.

Tomorrow’s Product Managers Need to Create the Conditions for Success With AI

Startegic Gridlock

When there’s no solid product leadership team in place, it can lead to several challenges in the product delivery, from internal politics and lack of prioritization to miscommunication and inadequate discipline.

Strategic Gridlock? Discover the Tools You Need to Drive Product Decisions
Product Management Development Programs

Our development programs provide the strategies, tools, processes and practical skills that product leaders need to create innovations, adapt to market changes and anticipate what's next.

Our step-by-step Product Leadership Program

Bringing Product Management to the Next Level at Livescale

Meet Chanida Rayrolles, Product Manager at Livescale. Her job is to not only create and maintain a product roadmap according to business ROI but also to lead the product release plans.

Bringing Product Management to the Next Level at Livescale
Product Management Consultant

Is something broken in your team’s product management? If the answer is yes, you’re in the right place. At Bain Public, we help build roadmaps and innovative products for early-stage companies.

A Day in the Life of a Product Management Consultant

How We're Giving Back To Pre-Seed Canadian Startups

Giving back is something we’ve built into our business model, using our organization as a force for good. We’re proud to say that we’ve given over 900 hours of pro bono work since 2018 and take corporate responsibility very seriously.

A Force For Good: How We're Giving Back To Pre-Seed Canadian Startups
Bain Public SOAP Process

SOAP™ is a methodology that Bain Public created for product planning and roadmap prioritization based on principles of Product Strategy, Lean Startup, User-centered design, Data Science and more.

Introducing the Bain Public SOAP™ Product Leadership Framework. A Practical Definition.

Bain Public SOAP Digital Platform

Simple, accessible and intuitive, the SOAP™ digital platform enables you to detail all aspects of your product journey. It provides a central management interface to detail your strategy, blueprint and what to build all in one place.

The Digital Platform Behind Bain Public’s SOAP™

Discover SOAP
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