Does your product team lack maturity and experience?

  We got you covered!

We'll go in the trenches with you,
  executing change in your organization.

Many companies don't have a lot of experience defining Chief Product Officer (or VP Product) roles and sometimes struggle with hiring product managers. We recognized this, which is why we now offer a Product Team in Residence (PTIR) service to help you create alignment around the roadmap and set up collaborative exchanges to bring your team together! Trust us, you don’t actually have to say ‘yes’ to everything and play office politics.

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What is
  In Residence?

Unlock Golden Ideas

We push every exec-level stakeholder to provide a very short, fully ordered list of their group's needs

Uncover Market Opportunities

We identify the profitable market opportunities, develop a unique point of view, and gather customer feedback

Attack Broken Processes

We work with your entire executive team to help collaborate & consolidate ideas into a strategy execution plan

Goal Based Planning

Protect against pursuing seemingly good ideas without evaluation and prioritization.

Comprehensive Roadmaping

We improve product processes, unblocking engineers and delineating the support they’ll need from other parts of the organization.

Create Concensus With Teams

We remove disagreement about your prioritization methodology and executive involvement

Combat Roadmap Amnesia

Recapping quarterly product initiatives every week so trade-offs are made more obvious

Refine The Strategy

Articulate the product mission, strategies, tactics and metrics to bring alignment with the stakeholders

Resolve Conflicts

Roadmap deliverables are completed through meticulous collaborative discussions and in partnership with in-house resources

We’re currently helping
disruptive startups & SMB orgs
execute transformations.

Want to develop roadmap skills? We're looking for early adopter startup organizations that are willing to give candid feedback on our new SOAP™ methodology created for product planning and roadmap prioritization in exchange of a discount. Must be willing to take a tour to see the SOAP™ platform in action.

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   In Residence

Bain Public SOAP Process

SOAP™ is a methodology that Bain Public created for product planning and roadmap prioritization based on principles of Product Strategy, Lean Startup, User-centered design, Data Science and more.

» The Bain Public SOAP™ Framework.
Bain Public SOAP Product Team In Residence with WatchMojo

With Product Team in Residence, we aren’t just guiding the product managers, but co-working with them! Our new service helps our clients plan, coordinate and maximize strategic innovation in their product space, with the assistance of our in-house product managers!

» How We Work With WatchMojo: Product Team in Residence (PTIR)