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Simple, accessible and intuitive, SOAP enables you to detail all aspects of your product journey. Ensuring everyone is aligned, motivated, inspired and ready to innovate is at the core of our software. Roadmapping is a collaborative process. SOAP helps you map your product ecosystem and gives you one-click-access to best-in-breed templates and workflows to unify your product documents ecosystem.

Transparency in the processes makes you gain full control.

Streamline your workflow.

Bain Public SOAP product

Set Strategy

Organize your ideas with a walkthrough of a single source of truth for your product's mission and principles.
Bain Public SOAP product

Smart Templates

Get guided through product tactics creation, metrics implementation and roadmapping program management.
Bain Public SOAP product

Map Product Ecosystem

Drag and drop from our shape library. Make your map smarter with easy-to-understand data. Drive innovation.
Bain Public SOAP product

Lead Product Initiatives

Replace many manual tasks and build your prioritization plan with automated workflows.

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How SOAP turbocharges

your roadmapping process.

Bain Public SOAP product

Define Features and Scope

Build a solid foundation for the prioritization program with crucial and strategic requirements.
Bain Public SOAP product

Prioritize the best ideas

Gather data directly from stakeholders. Track and manage all feature reviews and feedback to final approval.
Bain Public SOAP product


Get real-time input from stakeholders and keep them in the loop. Ensure reviews go through a steady process.
Bain Public SOAP product

Share documents securely

Share files and review links anywhere. Present your upcoming plans with a quick snapshot of your progress.

Bain Public SOAP Process

SOAP™ is a methodology that Bain Public created for product planning and roadmap prioritization based on principles of Product Strategy, Lean Startup, User-centered design, Data Science and more.

Introducing the Bain Public SOAP™ Product Leadership Framework. A Practical Definition.

Bain Public SOAP Digital Platform

Simple, accessible and intuitive, the SOAP™ digital platform enables you to detail all aspects of your product journey. It provides a central management interface to detail your strategy, blueprint and what to build all in one place.

The Digital Platform Behind Bain Public’s SOAP™

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