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  • For C-Suite & executives
  • Evolve the Product Strategy
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  • 120 minutes of learning
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  • Senior leaders & managers
  • Build Product Management Skills
  • SOAP™ 12-module approach
  • Work on real Roadmap
  • Hands-on analyst & UX team
  • 89 hrs of learning & group work
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  • Collaborate closely
  • Product discovery & research
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We offer a 40% discount on SOAP™ Workshop Series. Applies to Canadian Pre-Seed Startups. Schedule a demo & learn more.

The enormous value in shaping
the right business decisions.

We start by identifying your product's most important mission. We assess its unique strategies and tactics. From there, we work together to unpack the challenges you face, build new insights and perspectives. Our approach with collaborative learning exchanges, fieldwork to practice new mindsets and skills has proved to work best.

We dialog to nurture your digital product helping your company create greater strategic value. We do not instruct your CEO and the product leadership team on how to run the company. Aspects that are not working well are the focal points of improvement. We’re supportive but candid and transparent about our view on the state of the product, its challenges, and its opportunities. You can count on our ability to provide a comparative context through compelling examples and anecdotes from the successful companies we’ve worked with.

Be it innovation versus market adoption and many other attributes, there are lessons that a business can learn. We'll help you think about the longer-term implications of your product decisions and hold you accountable for your roadmap.

To sum it up, we play an impactful role in the creation of great products.

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Business Leadership Advisors

  The technology sector is constantly evolving. We rely on a team of industry leaders to keep Bain Public at the front edge of innovation.

George Korkekjian

George Korkejian
Venture Manager, Next AI

Julien Chosson

Julien Chosson
CEO, Wastack

Mathieu Hamel

Mathieu Hamel
CTO, Wastack

Thomas Punch

Thomas Punch
VP Biz & Corp Dev, WatchMojo

Robert Roseberry

Robert Roseberry
Sales & Revenue Growth Expert

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